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The name Pieta is given to a series of self-portraits made during a time set of 17 years. The first one dates from 1993 and the last one from 2009. Every two years a new one is created.

The series consists of black/white photographs in which the artist sits on a pedestal in the middle of a space. She holds an object on her lap. With each new Pieta, the surrounding space and the object on the woman’s lap are different.

The work refers to the form and meaning of the Pieta, a religious image of the Virgin Mary holding the lifeless body of Christ on her lap. In this symbol love and sorrow come together in great compassion. The series of self-portraits gives this symbol a modern form and content during this period of time.

Pieta 2007,

nr 8 from the series

gelatin silver print

1240 x 1550 mm
edition of 2 and 1 AP

750 x 950 mm
edition of 3 and 1 AP