The continuously evolving series Homeland is a result of a search for a sanctuary, for the artist as well as for all others. It is a construct, a kind of house consisting of several spiritual ‘rooms’ and ‘annexes’. Together with autobiographical elements these become a metaphor for the 'homeland' concept.

From the beginning of her career Hurkmans has been basically involved in ideas of dislocation, estrangement and isolation, in relation to the opposing ideas of safety, shelter, constancy and identity.
The perversion of values in our world, which are evident in wars, famine, and the global displacement of refugees, creates a need for safety, shelter, faith and compassion.

The definition of the concept of a 'homeland' will be different for each of us. However, in essence, the different personal interpretations will show many similarities because this concept concerns a shared aspect of life.

The search for a more worthy, a more harmonious life based on equality can be seen as a search for a 'homeland'.

The series Homeland comprises several works in various media: Part II, Part III, Part VI etc. sometimes with subtitles such as ‘Desire’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Shelter’.

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